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The office staff at Novant Health Valaoras & Lewis OB/GYN is committed to providing the highest quality obstetrics and gynecologic care available in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our staff members are always available to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Julie Jacobson, LPN, practice manager

Practice manager Julie Jacobson says that one of the best things about her job is being a member of a great team. "I really value the teamwork among the doctors and our staff," Jacobson said. "Our patients benefit from our collaboration."

Jacobson has been in the medical field for more than 30 years, and has served patients alongside Drs. Valaoras and Lewis for nearly a decade. As practice manager, she is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and providing a remarkable experience to every patient. "I am proud of the care our practice provides," she shared. "I'm committed to helping our patients from the moment they call for an appointment to the moment they check out and beyond."

Outside of work, Jacobson enjoys spending time with her husband. "We have a son, who is a professor at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland," she said. "We are so proud of him! I also love spending time with our extended family and friends, and our two dogs. And, I keep active with gardening, swimming and kayaking."

Kellie Koontz, RN, clinical supervisor

Kellie Koontz was so eager to get started on her medical career, she did so before she even finished high school. "I became a certified nursing assistant when I was a senior in high school," Koontz recalled. "I worked as a CNA as I completed high school and became a registered nurse."

Koontz had a personal connection that led her to the field of obstetrics and gynecology. "My aunt was a labor and delivery nurse," she said. "I heard about a lot of her experiences and knew I wanted a career in the same area. I also had such a positive experience delivering my first child, I knew it would be such a blessing to help other mothers!"

Koontz and her husband have three young children. "We love going to the beach, swimming in our pool and reading together," she shared.

Katie Taylor, RN

"I want my patients to know I genuinely care about them," Katie Taylor, RN, said. "I want to be the best nurse, friend and person that I can be. I believe God led me to this specialty so I can strive to do just that."

Taylor says the intimacy of Novant Health Valaoras & Lewis OB/GYN benefits patients who get personalized attention. "This is a group of close knit, caring people, and that shows in everything we do," she said.

Taylor can relate to her patients on many levels, as both a woman and a mother. "My husband and I have two sons and a daughter," she shared," so I know what it's like to raise a family and juggle everything else in life!"

Sarah Moore, patient services coordinator IV

Patient services coordinator Sarah Moore knew the medical field was for her starting in high school, but she did not know then what role she would take. "I started out wanting be a nurse," Moore shared, "so I became a certified nursing assistant in high school. I later discovered I loved the clerical and administrative duties more, so that's why I became a patient services coordinator."

Now, after a decade in the medical field, Moore is confident she has chosen the right career for her. "I want to help others, and make a difference in someone else's day," she said. "The medical field gives me great opportunities to do this."

Married to her high school sweetheart, Moore enjoys spending time with her husband and their son. "We love going on family beach trips," she said. "We also love canoeing and kayaking on the New River."

Pam Lineberry, patient services coordinator III

Patient services coordinator Pam Lineberry has message for her patients. "I am here to help them in any way I can," Lineberry said. "Our patients deserve individualized care, and it's great to be in an office small enough where that is truly possible."

Lineberry has been at Novant Health Valaoras & Lewis OB/GYN for nearly 10 years. "In that time, the doctors and staff here really have become my second family," she said.

When Lineberry is not with her work family, she is with her husband and daughter. "I love to shop, and I'm happy to say my daughter shares my enthusiasm!" she joked.

Berta Patricia Gardea, patient services coordinator III

Before any patient visit, patient services coordinator Berta Patricia Gardea reminds herself how she wants treat that patient. "I want to treat each patient as I would like to be treated myself," Gardea said. "I want patients to know by my actions that I am caring, efficient, accessible, knowledgeable, dependable and respectful."

As a patient services coordinator, Gardea works to ensure medical care is accessible and as simple as possible for patients. She also works closely with the rest of the office staff to keep office operations running smoothly. "I love working with the friendly, professional staff here," she shared. "I also enjoy challenging myself with new learning opportunities and using my bilingual skills in a professional setting."

Children and grandchildren keep Gardea busy when she is not working. "I love spending time with my family," she said. "I also enjoy cooking, gardening and paddle boarding when the weather is nice."

Maria DeJesus Vieyra-Recendiz, CMA

A native of Mexico, Maria Vieyra-Recendiz is a certified medical assistant and is working on a nursing degree. "I'm also a professional medical interpreter," Vieyra-Recendiz shared. "I am happy to be able to help our Spanish-speaking patients. I believe that communication is a large part of remarkable medical care."

Outside of work, Vieyra-Recendiz enjoys spending time with her family. "My husband and I have two adorable boys," she said. "We love playing soccer together."

Mercedes Abinader De Rojas, CMA

For more than 30 years, Mercedes Abinader De Rojas has devoted her career to medicine and, more specifically, to women's health. "I moved to Winston-Salem from the Dominican Republic in 2007, and I am so happy to have found a work home here at Novant Health Valaoras & Lewis OB/GYN," Abinader De Rojas said. "I come from a family of doctors, so I grew up knowing I wanted to help people by studying medicine and working in the medical field."

Abinader De Rojas knew early on caring for women is what she wanted to do. "The care of a woman's body is unique," she said. "Every day in obstetrics and gynecology is different, and there is so much to learn."

Outside of work, Abinader De Rojas loves watching movies or going out to eat with her husband and their three grown children. 

Pamela Denise Culpepper, CMA

Certified medical assistant Pam Culpepper says medicine is more than just a career choice for her. "I want my patients to know that being here at Novant Health Valaoras & Lewis OB/GYN is not just a job to me; it's a calling," Culpepper explained. "I truly care about their well-being.

"I studied medicine so I could provide compassionate and quality care to patients," she continued. "I love our office because that goal is shared with the rest of the staff. We all treat our patients with respect and dignity."

Culpepper's two children keep her busy away from the office. "I have a son and a daughter," she shared. "We loved traveling, especially to my son's baseball tournaments and to the beach."

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